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Phrozen Wash műgyanta tisztító folyadék 5KG - izopropil alkohol alternatíva

Phrozen Wash műgyanta tisztító folyadék 5KG - izopropil alkohol alternatíva

11 500 Ft (Bruttó)
  • Weight: 5KG
  • 【Applicable for Spraying & Soaking】You can use Phrozen Wash either by spraying it on models or soaking models into it.
  • 【Low Odor】Phrozen Wash is with low volatility so that it has little smell for long term use.
  • 【Excellent Washing Power】Phrozen Wash can easily dissolve uncured resin. This is good for cleaning printed parts.

How to Use

  1. Use and preserve Phrozen Wash in room temperature, dark, and ventilated condition.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Keep Phrozen Wash away from kids.

How to Handle the Waste

  1. Collect waste and expose it to sunlight. 
  2. Filter the cured residue. 
  3. Handle the rest of solution as wastewater.

The advantage of Phrozen wash

  1. It is able tore-use to avoid the waste of Chemical solvent like alcohols. 
  2. The characteristics of low volatiles to avoid the bad smell.
  3. The Phrozen wash would bond the un-cured resin to reach to the purpose of clean.  
  4. It is suggested that use the Phrozen wash if you are allergic with the Chemical solvent like alcohols or inconvenient to use at home.


  1. Pour the used wash detergent back to the bottle and seal carefully. 
  2. Moreover, it is able to use about 10 times. 
  3. If you find any suspension object on the surface, please filter first and stir well.
  4. It is suitable for the container of plastic materials:
    • Teflon
    • HDPE
    • PP

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