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Bluecast X10 castable / kiégethető műgyanta

Bluecast X10 castable / kiégethető műgyanta

44 100 Ft (Bruttó)

Nagyon jó kiégetési tulajdonságokkal bíró műgyanta kimondottan LCD/DLP nyomtatókhoz. Gyors levilágítási idők, magas felbontás, kiváló minőség!
Ékszerészeti és fogászati célra is alkalmas!

500gr (~450ml)

BlueCast X10 is the evolution of our well known X5 polymer for direct
investment casting of jewelry and dental patterns. It’s a resin developed to
give perfect casting using wax equipment as well normal gypsum bonded
Main improvements can be listed in:
– better plate adhesion
– less shrinkage
– no ash even at lower temperature
– improved detail
As for our LS, Original and X5 resins, X10 is monomer free, this means no
harmful low molecular mass chemical you have to deal with. Even if X10 is
NOT carcinogenic, NOT toxic and safe, we strongly suggest users to wear
protective equipment as stated in MSDS because of presence small amount of
phosphine oxide that can result irritating.
X10 core is custom developed oligomer based on modified urethane backbone
functionalized by a methacrylic acid that exhibits the attitude to sublimate
(passing from solid to gas phase without liquid one) without volume expansion
and releasing during this phase CO CO2 and water.

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